Sunday, 24 September 2017

The Power of Flight - May the Flight Be With You!

Have you ever wondered how planes fly???  Well here's why.
There are four forces that help objects get up into the air, fly, change  direction, and land safely.  Lift is a force that helps planes get up into the air.   Thrust is created by the engines and works in the opposite direction of drag because thrust speeds a plane up.  Weight is a force that works in the opposite direction of lift.   Weight is created by the whole plane or bird and any other object on board. Weight is basically gravity and pulls objects down to the ground. Drag is also a force. It's created by all the uneven parts on a plane or bird or any other object that has anything that flaps around.
Thrust  is created by the air turned by the props. Lift is made by the wings and the flaps on the plane.  Did you know planes have strings on the in and outside of the engines (depending on the design of the plane)? When you have four engines and thousands of strings it creates a lot of drag.

Now you understand how planes and birds fly, is it now so obvious why we can’t get our hefty body’s off the ground without a jetpack?

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