Sunday, 19 November 2017

Arts Reflection

My learning is multistructural because I can create a work of drama to communicate an idea, that captures the heart of the Waimairi community.  I used some of the elements of drama that I have learned this term.

Chloe and I were both playwrights as we wrote the play.  There were two characters in the skatepark having lunch.  One of us asks “What do you want to do for lunch?” and then the other character responds aggressively. We took a bit out of the aggressive part so it didn't sound so aggressive.
Chloe and I used dialogue to communicate between each other and to put the meaning of the play out to the audiences. We used stage directions to direct ourselves to different sides of the stage.

My next step is to add monologue to our play & to add costumes.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Term 3 Discovery Reflection

This term in discovery I discovered lots of different things such as teamwork is the best way to go. I also discovered honesty is the best policy.  During this term I have made a skateboard, a ramp, and a scooter and box fort. I have modified a drone and cooked a pizza.

I have learned a lot about me.  I am better at teamwork because I can work with other people to make a big difference. One thing I know I'm better at is being more organised and more focused.  I know I can rely on my friends for materials needed in case I forget.

I have been challenged to hammer in nails, saw wood and cooperate with other people.  I have overcome challenges by asking for help. It's ok to ask for help and you can overcome this by planning ahead.

In term 4 I‘m looking forward to finishing my skateboard!!!

The Power of Flight - May the Flight Be With You!

Have you ever wondered how planes fly???  Well here's why.
There are four forces that help objects get up into the air, fly, change  direction, and land safely.  Lift is a force that helps planes get up into the air.   Thrust is created by the engines and works in the opposite direction of drag because thrust speeds a plane up.  Weight is a force that works in the opposite direction of lift.   Weight is created by the whole plane or bird and any other object on board. Weight is basically gravity and pulls objects down to the ground. Drag is also a force. It's created by all the uneven parts on a plane or bird or any other object that has anything that flaps around.
Thrust  is created by the air turned by the props. Lift is made by the wings and the flaps on the plane.  Did you know planes have strings on the in and outside of the engines (depending on the design of the plane)? When you have four engines and thousands of strings it creates a lot of drag.

Now you understand how planes and birds fly, is it now so obvious why we can’t get our hefty body’s off the ground without a jetpack?

A Walk Down Memory Lane

We’re driving to the breeders. I get out of the car and... well... I'm going to leave you on a cliffhanger for now. I'm now going to introduce my speech …. my favorite childhood memory.   Hi, I'm Noah and today I'm going to be talking about my memories as a child. I'm still a kid so my childhood memories are still rolling and are very fresh. I've recently been through band quest!!! Well let's get into the childhood memory.


This is Lacey. We got her in 2012. She was so excited to
be in a new home. She ran everywhere. She was so small the breeder was going to let her die because her mum ran out of milk.

Lacey got very sick, the breeder was trying to get us to buy a Red Collie but mum really wanted Lacey, so the breeder finely gave Lacey to us.  I can still remember when I just got her … “Come on dog”.  She was hiding under the table … all it makes me feel sad, know my little puppy has grown up.

On the way back home Lacey sat in the front below mum. She cried all the way  home until she realised we had food for her. The most annoying thing she does is, in the middle of the night, she gets up and growls and wakes up the whole neighborhood with her horrendous  barks. She hides under the different tables in our house.

It's her first full day in our house I was so excited I get to spend a whole day with Lacey. For the first time we let her outside I was standing at the door. She kept bowing down in front of me. Well actually just down the stairs of the deck. I asked mum “What is Lacey doing?” I was only six so I didn't understand.

Then she ran at me at a phenomenal speed. I ran inside, not knowing what to do.  She followed me inside and bowled me over like I was a domino. Dad started laughing at me, then I started to laugh in shock. Suddenly Lacey came up and licked me in the mouth - ugggh!!!  I pushed Lacey off me.

I'm going to skip a couple of years. It's now 2017 and Lacey still does all of her naughty things but now it's not me she’s after,  it's the CAT!!! What is your pet memories?

Thank you for listening.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Search and rescue

The  bell goes, we’re running looking for a hiding spot. I found a hiding spot that would hide all of us. I told my group they're coming, get in.  We heard them lumbering straight toward us, leaves crunching, water sploshing, and then they turned away. 

Ok we’re good for now. They kept on tricking us, sending beeps through the radio. I was thinking to myself hide the signal as I didn't want them to find us. I didn't hide the signal in time, it's too late, Luca came up the bank, looked at us for a couple of seconds and then yelled “I found them!”  I was a bit annoyed at the end but it was really fun, and I still wish I could do it again.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


He has his two stone like horns, a smooth scaly head that comes with a 3 metre long body and a tail that is 2 meters long. 

He yells the valley into oblivion, groans like a beast when he gets really mad!!! He breathes fire turning the sky red hot. His accent is foss row da. He sounds mad and makes noises like a dinosaur.

He’s ready to kill you in one shot. He lives in hell the dragons. He hangs out with is Aldwin and Skykiller.

The other dragons think he’s  cool. He wishes he could fly because he is a speed stinger. He lives in a rocky terrain.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Travis wetland

Today we went to Travis Wetland and this is Quackles. He is a duck I named. The part I enjoyed the most was seeing a skink chilling underneath a plant. Thanks for reading about my trip.